About The Buy Local Market

We at the Buy Local Market take building local economies seriously. We employ numerous other strategies to help our entrepreneurial community create jobs including:

A physical retail store for these locally-made products located at 26 Michigan Ave. East in Battle Creek, Michigan.

An online market where local businesses can set up their own store within our platform, allowing us to promote all of them.

A robust and interactive business directory map to find other great locally-owned companies along with a shared “local first” brand we use to promote all the companies, together.

Shop Locally Made Products in our Online Market

Shopping at the Buy Local Market keeps money circulating in our community, helping to create jobs at small businesses and grow exciting startups. Locally-made products can be delivered right to your door just like shopping online anywhere.

Open a Shop in the Buy Local Market

The Benefits

By becoming a vendor, you’ll get access to our growing market of people who buy local. We’re also promoting this store throughout Michigan and across the United States because everyone likes quality products. We help with sales, marketing, and you get an online store and website, so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Your Online Store

With our store, you get your own stylish page and everything is automated by the software. Customers can order, confirm their shipping, and checkout with ease. You’re emailed a notice of each order and your portion of the funds are sent directly to your bank account. It couldn’t be easier.

Growing Your Business

In addition to your own online storefront, each vendor gets a website in the Buy Local Market as well. Plus, each website is equipped with tools to help you grow your business including managing sales efforts, business planning, crowdfunding, invoicing, and more. It’s a website built to help you manage and grow your company.


Our Interactive Map & Local Business Directory

The Buy Local Market is a platform for consumers, locally-owned businesses, and institutional purchasers that use our site as a way to promote and grow local economies, together.

The Buy Local Local Market provides marketing for locally-owned, independent businesses through this central map and directory, as well as a procurement platform for larger institutions to find and buy local too.

Businesses work together using our website, shared brand promotion, including joint Ad buys, a Buy Local Rewards Program (coming soon), and a growing network of institutional purchasers to increase sales, which in turns strengthens our local economies.

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